NuMind’s Innovative Solutions to the World’s Mental Health Crisis

July 2023

Written by Donya Shabgard

Edited by Leanne Quong

The Problem

Our world has a pandemic that is often silent and unacknowledged – the fight against addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These afflictions carry with them a multitude of adverse effects, including depression, anxiety, and trauma. On a global scale, the number of individuals struggling with addiction disorders is staggering, with a reported 164 million affected in 2016 (Ritchie, 2018). Similarly, 350 million people worldwide have experienced PTSD (Doblin, 2020). These statistics testify to the magnitude of the problem and the importance of addressing it with urgency and compassion.

It is alarming to see the number of people facing addiction and PTSD, and the traditional therapy methods are not proving very effective. Shockingly, 85% of those who opt for conventional addiction treatment end up relapsing, while almost half of those with PTSD fail to recover through traditional methods (Sinha, 2013 & VA Research, n.d.). These figures indicate that we need a revolutionary solution to combat this widespread problem.

The NuMind Solution

At NuMind Health, we understand the potential benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy in addressing various challenges. This therapy involves using specific drugs to enhance the treatment process and has been extensively researched since the 1950s. Our approach to psychedelic-assisted therapy is based on a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness between an individual’s physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects. We aim to empower individuals to heal and unlock their full potential through a bespoke approach that supports them long-term. Our treatments, which include government-approved Ibogaine and Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), are targeted at helping individuals manage addiction, trauma, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. We operate within legally approved jurisdictions and adhere to strict treatment protocols to ensure sustainable wellness for our clients.


NuMind Health harnesses the therapeutic potential of Ibogaine to help individuals overcome mental and spiritual disconnections and lead fulfilling lives. Unlike traditional therapy methods, Ibogaine is a powerful addiction interrupter that effectively treats addiction and other mental health challenges when administered correctly. Our comprehensive program includes pre-care assessments, preparation, treatment, integration, and aftercare support services.

The effectiveness of Ibogaine as a treatment method has been demonstrated through studies conducted by pioneering researchers Dr. Deborah Mash and Mr. John Giordani. According to their findings, up to 50% of clients maintained sobriety post-treatment, compared to only 5% with traditional methods (Giordano & Mash, n.d.). This remarkable success rate is attributed to Ibogaine’s unique ability to reset neurochemistry, which results in long-lasting anti-addictive effects thanks to its metabolite, noribogaine.

NuMind understands that overcoming addiction and mental health challenges can be daunting. Therefore, we strive to provide a supportive, safe, and professional environment that enables individuals to receive the best possible care. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that each person gets personalized care and support throughout their journey to recovery. Anyone can overcome challenges and achieve a fulfilling life with the proper care and support.


NuMind Health has also partnered with Dr. Rick Doblin, founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), to introduce  MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. This therapy catalyzes overcoming PTSD and some challenges associated with PTSD. MDMA is an established entactogen known for its ability to enhance self-awareness and empathy. Reports suggest that it fosters closeness between clients and therapists, induces relaxation, boosts motivation to engage in therapy, and encourages reflective thinking.

Moreover, it alleviates depression and anxiety, enabling therapists to address underlying trauma without causing emotional distress. According to research by Dr. Doblin, approximately 67% of individuals no longer experienced PTSD twelve months post MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Compared to traditional therapy, MDMA-assisted psychotherapy proves more effective as it fosters trust in the therapist and facilitates mental clarity, confidence, and the courage to introspect honestly, especially for those grappling with PTSD (Dolin, 2021).

Our Intention & Mission

At NuMind Health, our team of experts is driven by a passion for helping people transform their lives through the healing power of psychedelics. With full approval from the Bahamian Government, we are dedicated to being the trusted leaders in evidence-based psychedelic-assisted therapy. Our focus is enriching the lives of those struggling with addiction and other mental health challenges and empowering them to achieve sustainable wellness through compassionate, safe, and evidence-based psychedelic-assisted therapy. We are committed to forging a unique path in the industry that puts the needs of our clients first.

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Jennifer Jordan, Esq.

Board Member

Ms. Jennifer Jordan is the visionary force behind NuMind’s journey toward healthcare innovation. As the Co-Founder of JVX, Ms. Jordan epitomizes leadership in healthcare regulatory and compliance matters, ensuring our organization navigates complex landscapes with confidence and integrity. With a focus on responsible innovation, Ms. Jordan’s strategic counsel shapes our future, empowering us to reshape healthcare delivery and utilization. Her unparalleled expertise extends to governance, privacy, security, operations, and data protection, guiding us through regulatory requirements with precision. Jennifer’s credentials align with our core values of operationalizing solely in legalized jurisdictions, such as The Bahamas, and ensure that our endeavors are conducted with the highest standards of legal compliance and ethical integrity. With Ms. Jordan at the helm, NuMind is poised to pioneer transformative solutions, driving us toward a healthier, more dynamic future in healthcare.


Director of Aftercare & Retreats

Dr. Scott has an undergraduate degree from Syracuse University, a master’s degree in nursing education from the University of Pittsburgh, and a Ph.D. in Nutri-genomics. She has more than 10 years of experience with plant medicines. She advocates for ongoing research associated with the powerful emotional and physical healing breakthroughs brought about through plant medicine. Dr. Scott has extensive experience with Iboga ceremonies and continues to be devoted to the global expansion of plant-based medicine treatments for mental health and wellness.


COO | Co-Founder

Mr. Douglas possesses a vast amount of experience in the field of international management consulting. He has successfully worked in countries such as Canada, the USA, Colombia, and Croatia. Moreover, his expertise in Corporate Structure, Strategic Development, Investor Relations, and Governance is unparalleled.


Advisory Board

Dr. Allen is highly accomplished, earning an M.D. from St. Andrews medical school and a postgraduate degree in Psychiatry and Public Health from Harvard Medical School. He has devoted his career to helping people with addiction and mental health issues and has held faculty positions at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Georgetown Medical Schools. Dr. Allen is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and Officer of the Order of Distinction, Bahamas, which speaks to his remarkable dedication and service. He has also authored numerous publications on addiction, spirituality, and psychiatry and has founded cocaine treatment centers in The Bahamas and Washington, D.C. Dr. Allen’s work has undoubtedly made a significant impact on many people’s lives, and his contributions to psychiatry are truly admirable.



Dr. Stewart has an impressive educational background, having obtained degrees in Zoology and Medicine from the University of the West Indies and receiving training at the National School of Obstetrics in Ireland. He has devoted over 30 years of his professional life to practicing as a highly respected gynecologist in the Bahamas. Moreover, Dr. Stewart holds the esteemed position of Bahamas representative of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).


Director of People Operations

Ms. Quong’s extensive experience in H.R. Operations and Customer Service shines through with her impressive record of stakeholder collaboration, client journey design, and business development. She is a dynamic leader who is passionate about helping companies unlock the full potential of their human capital to achieve success in the market. Her focus on delivering motivational solutions has resulted in outstanding customer satisfaction rates, 5-Star business reviews, impressive ROIs, and the formation of high-performing teams. Ms. Quong’s academic achievements, including a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, nomination for Valedictorian, and winning the Louis Stervinou Memorial Scholarship, are a testament to her dedication and hard work. She is now pursuing a CPHR designation to enhance her professional development and bring more value to NuMind’s talent, clients, investors, and organization.


Director of Clinics

Dr. Marie Allen is a counseling psychologist, researcher, trainer, and curriculum developer with expertise in treating mood and behavior disorders, eating disorders, child and adolescent psychotherapy, school psychology, and women’s issues such as codependency and relationship matters. Dr. Marie has a postgraduate degree in Clinical Community Counseling and a doctoral degree in Psychology, specializing in Family Psychology. She has worked as an adjunct faculty member and Assistant Professor of Psychology at The College of The Bahamas, as well as a School Psychologist at the International I.B. World School. Dr. Marie is also the former Director of Training and Curriculum Development for The Family Program, an evidence-based program that provides free group therapy to marginalized communities in the Bahamas. Currently, she serves as the Clinical Director, Counseling Psychologist, and Individual & Group Psychotherapist at The Discovery Clinic of The Renascence Institute in Olde Towne, Sandyport, Nassau, Bahamas.


Director of Wellness & Training

Dr. Getchell is a trained psychotherapist and clinical social worker with over 30 years of experience in various practice settings. He has obtained a Master of Social Work degree from Missouri State University. He has held multiple positions in the United States, including The Department of Justice, The Department of Defense, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Getchell is a decorated former United States military officer, serving 16 years in active duty service. Additionally, he has practiced for ten years as a faculty member for Missouri State University’s School of Social Work, specializing in teaching diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders and addictions. He specializes in addiction, PTSD, depression, and anxiety.


Internal Medicine (U.S.)

Dr. Thomas-Sarles is a native of St. George’s University, Grenada, West Indies graduate. She completed her residency training in Internal Medicine, in Florida and Alabama, before relocating to the Bahamas. She is a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist by the American Board of Internal Medicine and holds a license to practice in Florida and the Bahamas. Throughout college, she served as a first responder and Emergency Medical Technician. Dr. Thomas-Sarles is eager to employ her expertise to benefit the NuMind Community and its Guests.

Isaac Gilmore

Board Member

Mr. Isaac Gilmore is a visionary leader driving transformative change in healthcare. As Chairman of Heroic Path to Light, Mr. Gilmore pioneers psychedelic-assisted therapy for veterans and first responders, embodying a commitment to holistic healing. His role as an Advisory Council Member for Concordia Summit underscores his dedication to shaping global healthcare policies. Isaac’s tenure as Chief Growth Officer at TREAT California, where he spearheaded a groundbreaking $5 billion initiative in psychedelic therapy, exemplifies his forward-thinking approach. With a diverse background spanning defense, finance, and entrepreneurship, Isaac brings a unique perspective to NuMind Health, fostering innovation and pushing boundaries. His strategic partnerships and coalitions within the psychedelic community amplify NuMind’s mission, positioning the company at the forefront of healthcare innovation. With Isaac’s leadership, NuMind Health is poised to revolutionize mental health treatment, offering hope and healing to individuals worldwide while championing collaboration and progress across sectors for the betterment of all.

Ph.D., MSc, MDiv, RCC Clinical Supervision


Dr. Kinman has been a counselor and family therapist for over 30 years, working with diverse individuals. His work primarily focuses on children and youth, family therapy, addictions, working with individuals and families where legal and criminal matters are pressing upon them, and working with a wide diversity of individuals and communities. Dr. Kinman holds a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Master of Divinity and a doctoral degree in Philosophy of Education, and is a professor of a graduate counseling program at the City University of Seattle.


Community Engagement

Mr. Labonte is a distinguished Army veteran who proudly served his country from 2009 to 2018 with the 173rd out of the Vermont National Guard, Norwich University Corps of Cadets, and the Fifth Special Forces Group (Airborne). During his service, Mr. Labonte faced many life and leadership challenges while deployed to regions of Turkey and Syria, which led to chaos and turmoil. As a result, he decided to shift his focus to real estate investing. Despite facing depression, anxiety, and PTSD during his transition, Mr. Labonte discovered the healing power of psychedelic medicine. Through his experiences, he has seen first-hand the positive impact that these transformative substances can have on mental health and overall well-being. As the Community Engagement for NuMind Health, Mr. Labonte uses his extensive knowledge, lived experiences, and skills to drive progress and success for the community and educate others about these potentially life-changing methods and philosophies.


Director, Project Management, Real Estate

Mr. Enns has been a successful entrepreneur in the construction industry for the past 30 years. He has established multiple construction companies in Canada and has contributed significantly to the development of high-end homes, shopping malls, and office complexes in The Bahamas. With a team of 35 skilled professionals, Mr. Enns is renowned for delivering exceptional quality that sets him apart from his competitors. His vast experience in project management and real estate development will undoubtedly bring significant value to his work at NuMind Health.


Public Relations

Coming soon.



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Chief Knowledge Officer

Mr. John Giordano has dedicated his life to helping those struggling with substance abuse and mental health challenges for the past 36 years. As an esteemed addiction and mental health expert, he has authored several books and founded the National Institute for Holistic Addiction Studies (NIFHAS) and the highly regarded G & G Holistic Addiction Treatment Center. This JCAHO-accredited facility offers both inpatient and outpatient services and has 62 beds for addiction treatment. His latest book, “The Kid from The South Bronx Who Never Gave Up,” has been praised for its exceptional ability to provide a roadmap toward achieving positive change. Mr. Giordano’s extensive knowledge of mental health and addiction has been shared with audiences in nearly 100 countries, and he has contributed to over 79 scientific peer-reviewed medical research papers. He is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading researchers by Research Gate, and his ground-breaking work with Dr. Deborah Mash in introducing evidence-based ibogaine treatments has made him a pioneering psychedelic researcher in ibogaine. Despite his struggles with addiction, Mr. Giordano has been in recovery for over 38 years and has never given up on helping others to live a quality life unencumbered by addiction.

Richard Avis

Executive Chairman | CEO | Co-Founder

Mr. Avis boasts over 30 years of experience as a C-Suite executive, showcasing unmatched expertise in start-up management, brand development, and international franchising. His track record of funding multiple start-up companies speaks for itself, consistently delivering exceptional results with every venture.